Ideal Food Habits Before the Exams - What to and What Not to Eat?

Whether you are preparing for your mid-semester exams or burning your midnight oil for the final ones, exams period can get you pretty worked up. Considering the fact that both, CBSE and ICSE syllabus are quite extensive, a lot of planning is required to triumph the game. One of the most important part of the planning is keeping scores of your health, both mental and physical. And food habits contribute a great deal to it.

You may say, “What’s food got to do with my exam preparation?”

It all starts at the Brain – one of the most complex and important part of your body. The brain is like a computer, signaling body to do various functions and processing so much of information every day. It needs nourishment to keep going. When you eat food, body breaks it down into glucose and delivers it to the brain via the bloodstream. Since the brain lacks the ability to store glucose, it needs to be leveled up on a daily basis. When it’s not, you end up feeling irritated or depressed; you may also face poor memory and concentration issues and even have trouble sleeping. This is certainly not good for your study preparation.

You may ask, “What should I eat when preparing for my exams?”

Healthy food habits can really help you ace your exam game. What you need to focus is on balanced nutrition that stimulates the brain and boosts your memory power. Here’s the brain food you should consider –

  • Protein Rich

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is highly recommended as it tends to lessen the anxiety. It also helps in sustaining energy levels throughout the day. Consider protein options that are healthy and low on fat. Food like legumes, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, dried beans, dairy and soya products are some of the options to choose from.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent aging of cells in the body; that includes brain cells too. Food like fruits, vegetables and beans are good antioxidants and can help your brain function healthy.

  • Omega-3

This is a very excellent food to keep your brain sharp during the exams. It improves brain capacity and keeps your brain alert. It also enhances your concentration. Oily, cold-water fish is said to be the best source of Omega-3. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can get it from Hemp protein and flax seeds. Flax seeds need to be grinded before consumption so your body can access the nutrients.

  • Water

Your body is 70% water, without which, the cells would get dehydrated and body would cease to function properly. Hence, proper and regular water intake is must for optimum brain function. Keep a bottle of water with you while studying and keep sipping in between to ensure hydration and mental focus.

Your Next Question, “What food should I avoid?”

It all about eating healthy food. So, keep away from fast food; try and consume homemade stuff as much as possible.  Avoid getting into habit of drinking tea or coffee to keep yourself awake. Instead, try green tea. Try to keep it light while study and during the exam to keep yourself from dozing off. And last but not the least, get enough sleep so your brain and body get enough rest.


Remember, it’s all about cultivating healthy habits! Just Eat Right and Shine Bright!


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