Ideally how many hours should you study in a day?

Meticulous planning and management of studying hours is quintessential as it eases down the revising during the exams. There are many students who are not careful about such planning and even miss out on knowing their CBSE or ISCE syllabus properly. Such students end up panicking when the exams get closer. However, the studious ones are more proactive in their approach and invest a substantial amount of time in studying and preparation every day.

How Many Hours?

Education Counselors who guide students on preparing and stress handling during exams are often asked a very common question – 'ideally how many hours should I study in a day?' Expert Student Counselors suggest that students can study for 10 – 15 hours a day to get the best output. However, many students choose to invest more number of hours in their studies too. It is quite possible with a balanced approach, keeping in mind, the brain refresher sessions and healthy food habits. Students can divide their hours to plan for studies, revisions, mock tests, etc. Saying that do keep in mind that your mind will also need adequate rest to perform at its best, so please don't skip sleep.

While revisions will help them master the subjects, mock tests will give them enough practice for exams. Furthermore, it is also believed that group studies can be discouraging for students sometimes and hence must be avoided.

Capitalizing on Study Time

No matter how many hours a day you decide to study, without identifying and putting up a list of tasks to do within those hours, everything will fall flat. So, know what you would like to do, be it your top subject preparation, doing research, taking up an online course, doing a mock test, etc. Once you do that, put up in a calendar and make schedules for every task. Evaluate how much time you need to spend on each of the task before making the schedules. For instance, an online course on NCERT Mathematics for class 10 may be of 2 hours and you would need to block those 2 hours in your schedule then.

Play it Stress-Free

Studying for long hours does not mean taking up stress on yourself. Plan your breaks well in between those hours of study time so your mind gets time to reboot. Add to that, a nutritional diet plan so your mind gets the right food to perform sharper, faster and better. Have some time for relaxation and play as well, as it will help your mind keep fresh and enable you to study better.


So, prepare your study schedule and have a well-balanced plan for yourself and your studies to get the best out of yourself.


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